Please help to correct my letter. thanks!! URGENT!!


With duerespect, I XXXX, mother of XXXX would like to request of transferring my daughter’sto XXXX kindergarten.

XXXX'sdate of birth is XXXX and is currently studying in level 2 in XXXX kindergarten.

XXXX isfamous to have gotten high qualified and experienced teachers, good materialconditions and good reputation, XXXX Kindergarten cum Primary sectionand leading to Secondary section will definitely provide a good environment in whichshe can learn throughout her growing stage and to effectively equip her for thechallenges of her future. I trust if she has been given a chance to be partof XXXX, not only it would improve her social skills but also to learn how tolive for others and to put her love into Christ for action.

XXXX isa fun-loving, active and expressive girl and is popular among teachers and kids inclass. She is very friendly and loves taking care of other children. She is anout-going girl who enjoys all activities inside and outside of kindergartensuch as piano, dancing cycling, writing and other activities. She can completeher homework independently. She was also chosen to be Girl Guide in school andthis shows that she can be a good leading example in school.

Myhusband and I would do all in our power to support our daughter. Though I knowplaces in your school is very competitive and demanding, I still determine toapply for a place for XXXX as Winston Churchill saying “Life is a test and thisworld a place of trial”.

Attachedto this letter is her report card for level 1 in kindergarten and would be gratefulif she could be granted an opportunity for an interview. Thank you forconsidering our application and we look forward to your positive reply.