I wrote this letter to practice for my proficency examination ( it is in two days) and I would really appreciate if someone could have a look at it. What brand/mark do you think it belongs to?
Thank you in advantage

Dear sir/ madam,*
I am writing with reference to the article I have read in the last issue of your magazine, regarding the cultural significance of food. I must say that I have been a passionate reader for a quite long time and that I have appreciated this article in a particoular way. That may concern the fact that my country, Italy, has always demonstrated a certain interest in food. We are known all over the world for our mediterranean dishes. I strongly believe that it is due, not only to their delicious taste, but also to their healthness. Italian families consider food as somenthing rather important, for istance, lunch is not only a meal, but it is a moment of reunion between the members themselves and it *also represents an occasion to give thanks to God for the food he is offering us and to think about all the people that do not have the fortune to recieve as much as we do. In fact children *are taught to pray before starting every meal since a very young age, so that they learn to appreciate it. Notwithstanding there are people who, unfortunately, are not able to grant food its value. Nowdays one is rarely able to find products that are harverested without the usage of chimical substances, not even vegetables, but despite this, in my region there are still many men who provide us with this natural products. Unfortunately, this activity is destinated to fade in the near future, as most of the men who continue to harverest *are quite old and the new generation is not likely to persue such an activity.

Ps the closing lines are missing