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    than (on) their intensity

    The original text has "on" in-between, but is it a must? It's connected to "depend" and this is a grammar question, but I don't know if this kind of rule is quite strict.

    ex)Making $1 million in one year, but nothing in the preceding nine, ①
    does not bring the same pleasure as having the total evenly distributed over the same period, that is, $100,000 every year for ten years in a row. The same ②applies to the inverse order ― making a bundle the first year, then nothing for the remaining period. Somehow, your pleasure system ③will be saturated rather quickly. As a matter of fact, your happiness depends far more on the number of instances of positive feelings, what psychologists call “positive affect,” ④than (on) their intensity. In other words, good news is good news first; how good matters rather little. So to have a pleasant life you should spread these small affects across time asevenly as possible. Plenty of mildly good news is preferable to one single lump of great news.

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    Re: than (on) their intensity

    It's optional, but with that many words between I would include it.

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