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    Use of Participle in english

    How participle is used in complex phrases like "He shot the bullet killing many people inside the room" here the present participle is used "killing" but I do not understand exact uses as where and why use Present participle.

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    Re: Use of Participle in english

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****


    I believe that many books would recommend a comma after the word "bullet."

    As I understand it, it is a shorter way to say something like:

    "He shot the bullet, an act that killed many people inside the room."


    Regarding the grammar, here is what a great grammarian has to say:

    "A full so that clause of pure result ... can be abridged to a participial clause."

    The scholar then gives this example:

    1. He mistook me for a friend, so that he caused me some embarrassment.

    2. He mistook me for a friend, causing me some embarrassment.

    3. He mistook me for a friend, thus causing me some embarrassment.

    Source: Page 293 of volume II of Professor Dr. George Oliver Curme's magisterial A Grammar of the English Language (1931).


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