I have to show sentences below to English-speakers.

The questions are from quality control check-up list.

I translated Korean into English, and omitted subject and verb on purpose as stated in Korean.

Thank you very much any corrections and explanation about the sentences.
I would gladly accept your opinion.
Please help me~!

1. Certification retained - It is a question which certifications one company has?
(Would it be better just write "Certification" like this?)

2. ISO 9000 and 14000 in operation.

3. Q.C team in operation? & operated by each department system?

4. quality policy, goal setting, practice, analysis & management being controlled?

5. Development process constructed well in detail to possibly carry out?

6. Established a schedule of designing business discussed with customers?

7. Well-managed the production history and the results from initial sample to approved last sample.
Good in considering counterplans and conducting the plans about any trouble happened on each sampling step.

8. Have raw material suppliers, but showing insufficient management by regular schedule.

Please help me~!
Thank you and God bless you~!