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    horrifying bonanza?

    I know what each word means, and I have my own idea of what it is. But the following sentence compares it to something I thought wouldn't be a possible comparison. It destroys my idea of what 'horrifying bonanza' could mean.

    ...The girl shrieked and Orr giggled. Each time she landed with the heel of her shoes, Orr giggled louder, infuriating her still further so that she flew up still higher into the air for another shot at his noodle, her wonderously full breasts soaring all over the place like billowing pennants in a strong wind and her bottocks and strong thighs shim-sham-shimmying this way and that way like some horrifying bonanza.
    Just so that you know, both are naked.

    I can't imagine why this girl moving busy hitting Orr over the head can be a horrifying bonanza.
    Oh and can you also tell me what kind of image the word 'Shim-sham-shimmying' gives you? Thank you.

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    Re: horrifying bonanza?

    Surely, it's horrifyng because she's hitting him, but a bonanza because she's naked. 'Shim-sham-shimmying'- moving around, in a magical way


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