Dear teachers,

I would like to parse the following sentences, is this the way to do it ?

1) You must have been saddened beyond words when you heard the Presidentís response.

Part of speech
you = personal pronoun
must = modal auxiliary
have = auxiliary
been = main verb
saddened = adjective
beyond = preposition
words = noun
when = subordinating conjunction ?

=> sentence in the active voice

You = subject
must have been = verb
saddened = complement
beyond words = part of the complement or adverbial ?
when... = adverbial of time

2) The parcel should have been re-routed to the correct destination.

Part of speech:
parcel = noun
should = modal
have been = auxiliaries
re-routed = main verb
to = preposition

=> sentence in the passive voice

the parcel = direct object or subject ?
should have been re-routed = verb
subject = unknown ??
to... = adverbial of place ?

Thank you very much for your help.