You are given a land to use it in anyway you want.In what way would you use this land?

Schools, universities and colleges are remarkable places for growing young adults and developing science. Since my own univerisity has several shortages, such as the size of it's land and facilities,I have always dreamed of a university which is large enough to have place for any activity students enjoy.Given the chance to build whatever I want, I believe I would construct my ideal university, in a way I wished my univerity was.

First of all, I would build a big library. Our university's library is rather small, it does not have enough space for students to sit in the library to read the books and study.I have seen pictures of some of the best university's libraries,and they were amazing.Big halls for bookshelves and extra rooms for studying and reading, makes students comfortable and energize them for studying more and more.

Secondly, in my opinion , a good university must pay attention to different aspects of it's students needs. What I mean is that, along whit creating an effective environment for studying, universities should accomodate their students with gyms,pools, and grounds for playing sports, such as tennis,football and basketball.

Finally, in my university , one of student's problems during their study is that, sometimes, there is a gap between our classes in a day, so we really dont know how to spend these hours. we often go to library to study, but sometimes we need to do something rather than study, something amusing that relieve our stress and exhaustion. Therefor, I would definitely build some cafes or snack bars in the universities yard, helping students to gather,eat and enjoy discussions with their friends.

All in all, according to what have been said, in devising a plan to construct a building, engineers, should consider different facets, meaning that, when they are drafting a building for a university, they shall not just pay attention to the number and size of classes, they should care for needs of those who want to study there,too. I myself would surely pay attention to these facets,and I would construct a great building for a university.