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    a charismatic person

    Are there any words / idioms to describe a person who can attract other people (both sexes) or get their attention easily? I'm not speaking about sexual attraction. A person who is charismatic and can easily have others like him. It might be a special or magical power!

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    Re: a charismatic person

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Good morning,

    When I read your question, I immediately thought about the election that we recently held here in the States. Some

    people say that one of the candidates lost because he lacked any charisma.

    1. I checked my dictionaries and the Web, and I wonder if any of these words might be helpful:

    S/he has a(n) magnetic / charming / glamorous / enchanting personality.

    2. I know that you are not speaking about romantic attraction; nevertheless, I thought that you would like to know this:

    a. Back in the days when movies were silent, there was a star named Clara Bow. She was "romantically" attractive. The

    movie studio did not know how to describe her. So someone came up with a very popular term: They called her the It Girl.

    No one could define "it," but everyone knew what it meant.


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