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    Post Making mistakes while teaching

    Hello to all teachers here,

    My name is Noura and I am a new member in this forum. I hope to improve my English language and my teaching career thanks to your great forum.

    First, being a teacher is different from being a student. When being a learner, we always wait for teachers to provide us with knowledge and the necessary guidance, although we study by our own. While when we are teachers we are expected to provide knowledge, vocabulary, and to guide our learners.

    But I have a simple question: do you accept beginner teachers who make stupid mistakes in front of their learners, like: what does these items refer to?

    In my opinion, mistakes will certainly lead to professionalism: I believe that any teacher or students who do admit that he / she made a mistake in front of his / her learners will be a good teacher one day. This will allow students not to be afraid of making mistakes and this way, they will start speaking the target language although they havenít enough vocabulary. Step by step, they will be good , so what do you think about it?? Am I right ?! or correct me if i am wrong please.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Making mistakes while teaching

    Well done Noura!
    Accepting your mistake(s) is the ABC of teaching. As you rightfully put it,by accepting your own faults,you allow your students to accept that nobody is perfect and they learn by their mistakes.

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