Hello, I would be really greatful if somebody can check on my motivation letter, grammar, vocabulay and so on... Thank you very much

Dear Sir or Madam
I am writing in order to express my immense interest in applying for the XXX program at YYY University in ZZZ starting in autumn 2013.
I am a Slovak student studying for my master's degree in the XXX University in Czech Republic. My field of studies is YYY and I am keen to face a new opportunity to broaden my knowledge of things that interest me.
The main reason which is pushing me to apply for the program is Russia, its specific culture and language. I havenít had a chance to visit this country before, until now. Today, not only that I have an opportunity to get to this distinguished country, but the theme of the XXX program provides me with a chance to integrate into Russian academic sphere, its institutions, and interact with its people and society.
To specify, what makes Russia so distinguished, compared to other countries, I have to clarify my specialization. During my undergraduate studies, I developed deeper interest in process of democratization and the role of economics in pursuing more democratic world. In my Bachelorís thesis I analysed economic sanctions of the European Union and its influence on democratization process in Burma. In the future, it would be enticing challenge to look closer on the Russiaís democratic transformation since fall of the USSR and current human rights issues. What is more, Russia has had one of the most influential roles in foreign affairs and understanding its policy is my fundamental goal.
Second reason for applying, alongside with improving English, is to brush up on my knowledge of Russian language. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and especially for me, as a student of International Relations; it provides a huge advantage in the future prospective carrier. Nowadays, I have basic knowledge of Russian that Iíve acquired in my universityís courses. However, I am planning to continue in studying, participate on Summer school in Russia and after some time, take courses in this language in the XXX University.
I am confident that Faculty of XXX allows me to carry out my studies and research successfully. Courses like YYY will provide me with closer insight into energy security as one the most essential aspects of todayís foreign economic policy of Russia. On the other hand YXY offers important analytical background for my realization in the field of global affairs and international trade.
To sum up, I am confident that I have the right academic record, the right skills and attitude to exceed the expectations and I am convinced that this program is the right step for my professional ambitions.
Thank you for your consideration.