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    Question Need Help with a lesson plan

    Dear Teacher

    I help the children at my daughters school in Germany. I am not a English teacher but willing to help these children with their English. The students I help are in the 11 class, (16 years) and they will write a test on: Present Participle, Past Participle and Having + Past Participle. If you could please help me...... with planning a Lesson Plan. I also believe children must have fun during a lesson, if you could also help me to bring some sort of fun in during this lesson it would be appreciated.

    Thanking you for your help and time.
    Estelle Harding

  1. AlainK

    Re: Need Help with a lesson plan

    What do you mean, doing, done, having done ?

    "Is" or "has" done ?

    He's (is) choosing a smiley...
    He's (has) chosen a smiley

    (1, then 2 : easy to find examples, pictures, role-plays, etc : same viewpoint, difference in time)

    He's choosing / he's chosen (is) : same time, difference of viewpoint, no prob to find activities

    Having chosen a first smiley, he decided to choose another one

    The pb is (to me), C can follow B, but not A, and A and B are different : I would try first to have them make the difference between A and B, then B and C, but A,B, and C at the same time is very confusing for sixteen year-olds... I feel "having + V-en" implies another verb ("D") which should be at a past tense, but there is no "D" in the forms that are supposed to be used, there's a lack of an essential element for these forms to be coherent when used together.

    My 2 euros worth...

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