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    evaluating a system

    I am to evaluate a system with a lot of errors of which a lot of students suffer. Please go deeply as you always do. Thanks.
    Here is a passage for comprehension. The so called answers are b, c, and a respectively.

    Diagrams can represent the essence of a design. Visualizing context in its differentiated parts in diagrammatic form enables the designer to generate form during the analysis phase. Diagrams in design are the spatial equivalent of diagrams in grammar, the language study dealing with word forms. The graphic language of the designer is a system, like grammar, of shapes and their order or structure, outlined according to the relationship of working parts. Diagramming is a method that assists in distinguishing things from form; and, helps describe the patterning, differentiation, and evolution of that form.

    1. In what way does the visualizing context enable the designer to generate form?
    a) In different parts b) During the analysis phase c) In diagrammatic form d) In a differentiated way

    2. According to the passage, diagrams in design are similar to diagrams in grammar, because:
    a) They are equivalent graphically b) They use similar graphic language
    c) They deal with words d) They use structural shapes

    3. According to the passage, diagramming is described as a method that:
    a) Differentiates between things and forms b) Combines the things with the forms
    c) Describes things d) Designates form
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    Re: evaluating a system

    (Not a Teacher)

    I feel either the first question or its choices should be rephrased.
    The answer to the second question ought to be B.
    The third answer is correct.

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