Whether old people should go to nursing homes, please state your opinion in details.

The idea of sending old citizens in nursing homes is somewhat controversial among people. With the advent of greater inventions and an improved life style, western societies have started practicing old-homes concept for their senior citizens. This trend, however, is not widely accepted in eastern culture due to stronger family ties. I firmly believe that senior masses should not be sent to nursing homes due to great many reasons. I will represent my opinions in following paragraphs.

Elderly are an important part of our lives as they are responsible for our upbringing. Our parents give us life, education, security and taught us the practical life scenarios which eventually led us to better individuals. Once we are grown and independent; they require from us the same love and care in return. Sending them away to old homes is a cruel idea.

There is a famous saying “Old is Gold” which expresses the importance of seniors in our society. They have spent their life time dealing with ups and downs of life. Hence they possess tremendous experience which has no short cuts to learn. Elders can guide us in difficult circumstances effectively, which would only be possible if they live with us instead of old homes. My grandparents are a biggest source of education and inspiration for me. They have taught me very basic lessons like honesty, truthfulness and care for others which would not be possible if they were away in nursing homes.

Sending the seniors away in nursing homes seems easy and rejuvenating for some, as they would consider relieved from additional responsibilities, but it’s a painful phenomenon. Furthermore, it is only the family members who can better take care of elderly than any government institute or NGO. They will feel deprive if they have been put to nursing homes away from their loved ones.

In conclusion, seniors place is in our social lives than elderly-homes and they should not be sent away. They deserve the same affection and care which were given to us by them.