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    "You don't need to pare down your thoughts into Tarzan-speak"

    A fact to bear in mind is that for most language learners, their comprehension is stronger than their output. This means that while a non-native English speaker may communicate in basic phrases, they can hear and follow spoken English better than you think.

    When conversing, you don't need to pare down your thoughts into Tarzan-speak just because your buddy uses very simple sentences.
    This doesn't mean you can speak as breezily as you would back home. Your communication should be comprehensive enough if you are speaking clearly and phrasing your thoughts in a simple way ("can you..." instead of "well, if you could possibly arrange...").
    More: Tips for speaking English abroad -

    Does the underlined part mean "You donít need to summarize your thoughts/ideas in a one-shot when you speak?"

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    Re: "You don't need to pare down your thoughts into Tarzan-speak"

    (not a teacher)
    I guess
    to pare down one's thoughts into Tarzan-speak means to speak little English and mostly gorilla language which is a combination of grunts and hoots.

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    Re: "You don't need to pare down your thoughts into Tarzan-speak"

    Tarzan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tarzan was raised by apes. His use of human language is very primitive, like a toddlers. "Me Tarzan, you Jane."

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