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    From VOA News:
    The hills on the west side of Los Angeles are the perfect place for Scott Painter to experience his passion for cars, especially if they are fast and cutting edge.
    "I've had pretty much all the electric vehicles that have come on the market. I've got both the Tesla roadster and the Model S," he said.

    Los Angeles Auto Show spokesman Brendan Flynn says California lawmakers are encouraging consumers to buy environmentally friendly vehicles.
    "They've given better incentives, so the rebate you get in California when you buy an electric vehicle is better," said Flynn.
    Shaun Halladay received $10,000 in state and federal rebates for his all electric Nissan Leaf.

    "I believe global warming is real, and I think that electric cars are one of the many things we have to do to look for solutions to that. And, I need to be a part of that solution," he said.
    Scott Painter owns two Tesla's.
    "Certainly the first one is always going to be performance for me," he said.
    Tesla says it plans to make a less expensive electric car to attract more consumers.
    1.Can I omit the "in" and just say " Shaun Halladay received $10,000 state and federal rebates for his all electric Nissan Leaf."?
    2.Does it mean when he bought the first Tesla,the performance was the first priority,and then when he bought the second Tesla, he took other factors into consideration?Or does it mean whenever he purchase a car ,the performance is always the first priority? What does "the first one" refer to ?


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    Re: in

    1. No, because that would lead you to believe he got $10k from the feds and $10k from the state.
    2. He means his first priority in buying a car, any car, is performance.


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