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    card game expressions

    I have difficulty understanding the following passage.

    The game had been played and lost. I do not think that my lady had thrown away a card, or missed the making of a trick which she might by any possibility have made; but her opponent's hand had been too powerful for her, and he had won.

    Could you explain what "throw away a card" and "miss the making of a trick" mean? I suspect that "to throw away a card" means to throw away a wrong card, but I don't understand the second expression at all. I appreciate very much if you could explain them. Thank you!

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    Re: card game expressions

    Certain card games involve the taking (or making) of "tricks," basically each player must choose one card to throw out for all to see. The highest card takes the trick.

    The rules vary on how the highest card is determined, who leads each trick and how taking tricks is scored.

    But the point here is that she did not make any mistakes. Any chance she had to take a trick, she did.

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