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    Exclamation How to write better

    This might be the most foolish question i ever had in my mind.
    "How to write better?"
    When I ask someone, they simply say "practice," I am not sure what was their meaning for "practice."

    Is it to learn and use complex words:

    The dale ran like a stony trough between the ridged hills, and a trickling stream flowed among the boulders at the bottom. A cliff frowned upon their right; to their left rose grey slopes, dim and shadowy in the late night. - Tolkien

    what about this then?

    Be kind to me in my sorrow - Bernard Shaw
    Well, if you can manage so as to be a good deal occupied with me, and leave Mr Robinson a good
    deal occupied with Miss Whitefield, he will be deeply grateful to you. - Bernard Shaw

    Is there any better answer? I was never be able to write a passage that would indulge me. When I present an expression, a detail or a dialogue, it always goes flat. When I read again, I feel like there is something missing.

    It always goes like:
    After she joined the canteen, she took care of your health. She used to cook not only tasty but healthy too.
    No it is not that easy to use that power. For now what we can do is to protect it from being stolen.
    They appeared to be correct (at least for my eyes - excuse me), but a WOW factor is missing.

    How to write better?
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