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    Question 'You make me comfortable.'

    Dear teachers,
    My question has something to do with the zero infinitives.
    What are the differences in terms of meaning among these sentences?
    a) You(s) make(v) me(o) comfortable(oc).
    b) You(s) make(v) me(o) feel comfortable(oc).
    c) The beach makes me comfortable.
    d) The beach makes me feel comfortable.
    Is this sentence correct? 'I help my mother to clean the room.' (S-V-O-OC)
    I usually use the zero infinitive form: 'I help my mother clean the room.'
    What about this:
    I asked my friend to clean the room.
    I asked my friend clean the room. (Dont you think that this sentence has more of a request in meaning?)
    Is logic more important than grammar?
    I was told that way.
    thanks a lot.
    best regards

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    Re: 'You make me comfortable.'

    There's little or no difference between the examples without 'feel' and those with in my opinion. You could use the bare adjective in a wider set of circumstances, though. 'Help' can be used with both forms, but 'ask' cannot- it requires the infinitve with 'to'- here, the grammar over-rides any preceived logic to me.

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