Hi teachers,
This is for a listening comprehension exercise. The text is from a CD.
Alex Dinon has escaped from prison a day ago. Felix is a man and the chief is a woman.

If this is what the students will hear:
‘The police are looking for Dinon in every town and village,’ Felix said quickly. ‘We’re watching the roads and the airports, and the houses of his family and friend’s…’
‘Sit down, Inspector, and listen,’ the Chief said. ‘We need to find this man quickly. The President is not happy.You’re a good policeman, Inspector, and this is an important job for you.’‘Chief,’ Felix began. ‘How did Dinon escape from prison?’‘That’s not important now,’ the Chief said.
Are these suitable questions to ask?
1. Where were the police searching and keeping a lookout for Alex? (Not sure about this one)
They were searching for him in every town and village and keeping a lookout on the roads, the airports, and the houses of his family and friend’s.
2. Why did they need to get Alex as soon as possible? Because the President was not happy.
3. Was the Chief being nice to the Inspector? How do you know? Yes, she was. Because she told him that he was a good policeman.
4. What did Felix want to know? He wanted to know how Dinon had escaped from prison.
5. Did the Chief express the same concern? How do you know?
No, she didn’t. Because she said that that wasn’t important then.

Thanks in advance.