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    Does "such claims (backed up by extensive evidence)" refer to "claims of miraculous h

    More difficult to evaluate are the claims of miraculous heal-
    ing from medical problems. As a physician, I have occasionally
    seen circumstances where individuals recovered from illnesses
    that appeared not to be reversible. Yet I am loath to ascribe
    those events to miraculous intervention, given our incomplete
    understanding of illness and how it affects the human body. All
    too often, when claims of miraculous healing have been care-
    fully investigated by objective observers, those claims have
    fallen short. Despite those misgivings, and an insistence that
    such claims be backed up by extensive evidence, I would not be
    stunned to hear that such genuine miraculous healings do
    occur on extremely rare occasions. My "prior" is low, but it is
    not zero.

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    Re: Does "such claims (backed up by extensive evidence)" refer to "claims of miraculo

    Yes. Were there any other claims referenced in the text?

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