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Dear Sir/Madam,

As soon as I started towork inthe areaof conservationof cultural heritage six yearsago, I could see the extreme shortage of trained professionals in thearea of ​​conservation of wall paintings. The few professionalsworking in this field are trained abroad, because there are nospecialized courses in conservation of wall paintings in Brazil.

I have been very muchinterested in this subject and I took a course called"Identification, restoration and conservation of wall paintings"in early 2009, lasting 20h. The course, unfortunately, was moretheoretical than practical and just .... the outline of theprinciples, traditional techniques of mural painting, diagnosticmethods, material characterization, documentation and record systemsand methods of pictorial reintegration (see attached certificate).Despite its short duration, it was a first approach to the theme andI get much more fascinated by that.

In fact, as anarchitect at the Departmentof Historic Heritage (DPH) of the Municipality of Sao Paulo,I have been in frequent dialogue with restoration specialists in thisarea and, somehow, taking that course helped me. So I can see howimportant is for me to get the MA offered inConservation of Wall Painting at The Courtauld Institute of Art andturn myself into an expert muralrestorer/conservator.

I believe I can get themost out of the course and disseminate the knowledge acquired inBrazil. On one hand, I have personally missing a more practicalperformance, since I love the dynamics of the construction site andalways had the taste and the ability to work with the manual. On theother hand, the prospect of performing academic research atthis level on this subject seems challenging. I haveexpectations about the potential of this Master in my academiccareer, because I see it as a way of entering a land not yet exploredby researches in Brazil. Consequently, this work could contribute tothe enrichment of a culture of conservation of wall paintings in mycountry.

Finally, I would pointout that with the lack of courses like this in Brazil, there are fewwho can afford to pay for their education abroad, since our currencyis devalued against the dollar, euro or pound, for example. A baglike the one offered by this program, with the prestige and qualityof internationally recognized Courtald Institute of Art, becomes,therefore, more than ever, a great opportunity for improvement. ThusI say here that being accepted in this selection process, will carryout the proposed activities for the course with any interest, effortand commitment that I have been searching for my whole career.

Thanking you for yourattention, I renew my vows of esteem and consideration,