What nuance does this "brother" have? Religious or just intimate one?

44)Once there was a man named Jack who lived in a village. He had a routine of practicing meditation. Thereafter he used to go to his shop to work. He used to close his shop at lunch time and
did not open the shop after that. ....Once the richest businessman of the village called him over to
his house. He had made a red colored hat. He gave that hat to Jack and said: This hat is for fools. I have not seen a person more foolish than you. So Im giving this hat to you to wear. If you find anybody more stupid than you, then Before long that rich man became very sick. Jack went to
meet him and asked about his health. The rich man said: Brother! Im making preparations to go now. Jack asked: Did you send somebody there to make preparations for your arrival or not? Are you taking your money, car, bungalow or not? Brother! Who can accompany me there? Nobody can go with me. Ill have to leave money, bungalows, and vehicles here. I have