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Thread: Are and Do

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    Exclamation Are and Do

    HI there,

    i am confused with Are and do when i'm making question

    For an example: Are they fat?

    how about if i use "Do they fat?"

    what are the differences between that two question?

    Thank yah!!!

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    Re: Are and Do

    If the verb is a form of BE (e.g., am, is, are, was, were), switch the subject and the verb, like this,

    The dog is fat => Is the dog fat?

    If the verb is not a form of BE, add DO/DOES, like this,

    The dog likes cheese. => Does the dog like cheese?

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    Re: Are and Do

    This is a very good question. Whether to use "are" (and its variations) or "do" (and its variations) in questions and statements is a very common issue in English Language Learning. I've searched for a resource, either online or physical, that provides a complete side by side comparison of these verbs' usages. Does anyone know of such a resource?


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