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    TOEFL preparation


    Have you any experience with TOEFL preparation books? I bought yesterday Barron's Practice exercises for the TOEFL but it seems too easy. I want to score high and I need something more challenging. If you had this problem and finally found what you wanted, please, let me know!

    I will give you an example:

    3. In general, by the second year of production the price of a new piece of technology ..... significantly

    a.will decreased
    b.has decreased
    c.will have decreased
    d.will has decreased

    if they had included "will decrease" option I would have a problem but as it is... sorry.
    I went through over a hundred questions and they are all just too simple-there are some tough questions on internet sites, so I know I am not a genius, just in desperate need for tough handbook.

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    Re: TOEFL preparation

    You can order products direct from the makers:

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