Hi everyone!
The owner of my company has asked me to prepare a draft of the LOR for my graduate studies.I request you to pl evaluate it and suggest changes if any.

Letter of Recommendation

It is a pleasure to write to you in recommendation if Mr. XX for his graduate studies at your university. As the technical lead and owner of XX Pvt Ltd, I have known XX for the past year as a trainee engineer in our R&D department. His job duties include writing firmware for the planned circuit as well as coordinating with the hardware team. Recently, his responsibilities have been increased to work on the design team and train new hires as well. He is a dynamic, responsible, and committed employee who has made commendable contributions to the success of our company. He is a cut above the rest, and has great future potential.
Over the time that I have known XX, he has consistently performed his duties with competence and often goes the extra mile, doing more than expected. For instance, while working on the XX display, I had shown him the different symbols that were to be displayed but could not explain to him the method to create a solution. To my surprise in the next meeting, he came up with a couple of solutions, one of which I had planned to convey it to him. Similarly, while in the final stages of the XX display project, we had to face a lot of problems in the hardware modules. We had to redo the work which we had outsourced, causing delays and could have lead to financial loss to the company. At that point in time, Shoaib was one of the very few employees who were present in the office late in the evenings and even on weekends correcting the errors and ensuring the timely delivery of the project.
He has also performed well as a team member. He is easily approachable and is highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to assist them whenever they need him. Recently we have given him an additional job duty of training a couple of new hires, which he readily accepted and is guiding them well.
I do recommend XX to your university and I am quite confident in his potential and hope that he would have opportunities to study and contribute to the development and reputation of your school. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding XX's application. My contact information is as follows