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    Exclamation give me a proper word to describe?

    I have a situation where in i want to address all the parts/objects/people who/which are involved in a situation. For example let us say the topic is "preparing for an exam", so while gathering ideas we will come across all these objects like: Student, teacher, time table, taking tests, analyzing,relieving from pressure,...etc.

    So, when i try to describe in an essay i am failing to use word similar to object/part which can be useful to describe all these parts of the topic.

    -Thanks in advance

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    Re: give me a proper word to describe?

    Firstly, remember to always use a capital for the pronoun "I".

    Perhaps the word you're looking for is "factors".
    For example: When discussing the subject of preparing for exams, there are a number of factors to consider, including the student, the teacher, timetables, pressure etc.

    not a teacher

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