Hello everyone !

It's the 1st time I use usingenglish.com. My English teachers are on holidays and do not really fancy correcting papers between Christmas and New Year... I understand them !

I want to apply for a summer training in an American Research Laboratory. I have to send my cover letter and a CV. I have already written them and I really would like to have someone to check it and help me if there are mistakes or strange phrases.

Thank you a lot.
Here's my cover letter (don't worry about the page layout, I've copied from Word):
I'm trying to write rather with American English.

"Dear Ms. XXX,

I am an Engineering student at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech in first year. I am interested in an internship with research laboratories of American universities.

Thanks to this opportunity, I could discover the work in a research laboratory. That would be very interesting since I may want to work in research later. Moreover, I want to complete my theoretical knowledge with practice and enhance my training. Going on a training course is quite adapted to do so.
I already travelled a lot all around Europe. I am very interested in discovering new cultures, new landscapes and meeting new people. Now, I want to grab this opportunity to go to America and discover this huge country and its culture.
Finally, I am planning to spend my third year of studies in an English-speaking country. Going to the United States this summer is a great way to make my English perfect and to increase my chances of getting such a double-diploma later.

Working in a university will be a perfect way to complete these objectives, which mean a lot.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


And my CV :

I can fix ambitious objectives and reach them
in autonomy or with a team.
Initiated to project management,
- I take decisions when circumstances need it.
- I have very good relations with clients and
keep a professional behavior at any time.
- I can adapt very quickly to new structures and
I can work on a just-in-time basis

Since 2012 : Arts et Métiers ParisTech (the adress of the website), Center of Cluny (71)
Engineering student, currently in 1st year

2009-2012 : Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles (Grenoble and Lyon)
Specialty : Mathematics, physics and engineer sciences

2009 : Baccalaureate scientific track with first class honors (St Romain En Gal, 69)

2003-2009 : Schooling in European section.

2012-2013 : Project leader in the challenge Les Entrepreneuriales (the adress of the website)
Regional contest on company creation in multidisciplinary teams. 25 teams selected over 39
Delivered work : a business plan on the feasibility.
Our project: system to automatically close sleeping bags and ground cloths.

2010-2012 : Realization of an analogic scale model of a Segway.

2008-2009 : Member of the French commission selected for the European Youth Parliament
(seat in the Parliament in Prague, organization of events in France)

2007-2009 : High-level athlete in kayak (12th at the French championships in 2008)
Coaching of teenagers. Help with logistics for regional competitions (catering, referring,
reception of athletes)

2006 -2010 : Volunteer for the Jazz à Vienne festival. Different positions (translation English / Spanish /
German for festivalgoers and artists, help to tourists)

- Movie fan
- I love discovering different cultures; I frequently travel in Europe alone or with groups.

Linguistic : - English : fluent. 3 months cumulated in the United Kingdom.
- Spanish : native language. 2 years cumulated in Argentina.
- German : good knowledge. 2 months cumulated in Germany.

Computer : - CAD software à Catia V5 (notions)
- Simulation Programs à Ansys V6 (notions)
- Office automation à Office pack (mastery)
- formal calculation software à Maple v12 (mastery)

I would be very grateful for any help.