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    Informal email. Would you help me to answer this email please ?

    Hello everybody!! I'm a new member and I am just about to take the FCE and I have many problems with the writing part, so I would like to ask you help! Would you give me some suggestions ? Thank you!

    This is the task:
    Your English-speaking friend, Sam, is an art student andhas written to you with a request. Read Sam's email and the notes you have made.Then write an email to Sam,using all your notes

    From: Sam
    Sent: 18th June
    Subject: Art Course
    I’ve recently started an art course and we’re doing a project at the moment
    called ‘People at Home’ and our teacher has asked us to paint someone in their
    home or garden. Would you let me come and paint you?
    If so, where would be a good place? I don’t mind if it’s indoors or outdoors but
    could you describe it for me, as that would help me with my preparation.
    Also, I’d like to include a special object in the picture – something important to
    you. It doesn’t need to be beautiful or valuable.
    Please write back soon if you’d like to be painted. If you have any questions,
    just ask.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    thanks a lot !!
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