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Thread: as it does

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    as it does

    What "as it does" add to the meaning?

    It is a matter of common knowledge that the rhinoceros, belonging as it does to the odd-toed set of ungulates, has a gnarled skin.

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    Re: as it does

    Often a phrase like "as it does" is used merely for emphasis. However, without having more context for your example, "belonging as it does" could suggest that the following statement ("has a gnarled skin") is linked to the rhinoceros belonging to the odd-toed set of ungulates. But an ungulate is a mammal with hooves, I believe that gnarled skin is not a necessary characteristic. The horse, for example, is an odd-toed ungulate. So, in isolation the sentence could be misleading.
    I await the rebuttals from rhino experts.

    not a teacher nor a rhino expert


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