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Vidya Supekar
New year is celebrated on 31st of Dec every year by everyone, irrespective of caste. Hearing about new year, the first thing we visualise is party, friends, shopping, food . Secondly, how and where to organise a party ? Preparing list of guests to be invited, Deciding on what will be on menu? Oh! Looks like a lot of work ,but at the same time fun too.
We can celebrate New Year in 5 different ways :
1. Celebrating new year with your family is a blessed one .Very few family get a chance to meet their loved ones during this auspicious day .Family members are far away due to work and cannot often meet each other. This is one chance where they can meet. Either you can plan a dinner at home or in an restaurant and have good fun .This will help to rejoice your memory when you look back.
2. Another interesting way to celebrate your New year is to celebrate it with friends. If you are planning a party outside make sure you are in a group of minimum five to six or more .Plan somewhere safe rather than some remote areas wherein network is not available. Inform your parents about the itinerary, that is very important.
3. Invite your friends to your home on new year's eve and celebrate it in your room or in terrace .Inform your parents and take their permission so that they don't interfere when you are at party along with your friends. You can ask your mother to prepare for you and your friends nice dishes for the party and arrange all that is required for the party .Have fun without bothering neighbours and family.
4.Simple way is to visit temple or church, praying to god that the coming year will bring in good fortune and more happiness to the family. Visit your relative or the elder person and take their blessing. Plan to go to some fun fair or exhibition and later having lunch along with them. Sounds fun isn't it.
5.If you are a person who believe in karma which means ,"good deed" then you can plan to visit any old age home or orphanage and share some food and sweets with them ,remind them about old good memories which will rejoice them, help to forget their sorrows in life. It is a very thoughtful thing to do and spend time in an useful way on an new years eve.
Whichever way we celebrate New year's eve it should be for a good cause and with good intention .The day spend should be memorable one .Apart from all the fun you have, bringing smile in ones face is in itself is a great achievement. Have fun ,be safe and keep hearing from me again and again .