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Thread: fine-tuned?

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    Talking fine-tuned?

    the following sentences are about prodigy's brain power.
    not only do math gifted kids have higher right side processing power, but this power is also fine-tuned by frontal areas. here what does it mean by this power is fine tuned by frontal areas?

    also what does the follwing sentence mean?
    the prodigies can switch very efficiently between the brain's left and right hemisphere.

    In addition, what does it mean by they (parents of prodigies) do not talk down to their childen?

    finally, what does it mean by children should not put away childish things?

    Again, looking forward to seeing your reply, I always appreciate your great assistance for me.

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    Re: fine-tuned?

    Fine-tuning is making small subtle changes to something to make it more effective, so the frontal areas help the right-side by make these small changes.
    They can change from using one side of the brain to the other to use it in a better way
    Talk down = talk in a patronising way, treat them like little kids
    Put away childish things = behave in a mature, adult manner, leaving things like games behind

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