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    A suggestion regarding choices of words

    Dear All:

    I have seen this post where a member asked for help to distinguish between "personality" and "character".
    So here are my questions:

    Do we really have to know how they are defined?
    Or do we just need to know how they are used?

    If you are not a techer, then I guess you shouldn't worry about the first one.
    If you are a teacher, then maybe you want to give sample sentences to help your students to grasp the nuances of some very abstract adjectives rather than going for their obscure dictionary definitions.

    So here is my suggestion: if you have trouble distinguishing between similar adjectives, you go collect as many sample sentences as possible from dictionaries. If that doesn't suffice, then come here to demand more examples from our kind and helpful native speakers.
    In this way, I believe you will eventually get it

    How does that sound?
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