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    Post Can you check if this essay is good?important project, based on a book and a reading

    Oshini Fernando
    It’s As Perfect As it Gets
    The world and its leading trends are what it is all about. Every person wants to possess everything the person next to him acquired. Whatever the trend is set on, the public run after it like it is a piece of meat. Experts in the area of sociology have affirmed trends go on for about a 20-year cycle, people find sticking to a trend for a certain period of time helps them feel more presumptuous and pertinent. Being a trend follower is not always a bad thing, there are times when I even feel happy wearing or doing something that the trend sets on just for my sake; but there are other times where I just want to express myself and let my heart do the thinking. Society may be all about staying on top of what’s occurring, but occasionally it feels like a hoard of armies running after what seems to not be there.
    “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia” titled by David Brooks, an author for The New York Times, states in his work, that Americans are doing whatever it takes it get to the ultimate position that will guide them to be prosperous in life. Brooks claims Americans are secretly crazy, “At the same time the suburbs were sprawling, they were getting more complicated and more interesting, and they were going quietly berserk” (Brooks 2). Life is a game for most people, it is to cross the finish line in a race while coming in 1st place. With this knowledge, it can be considered that trends are what keep peoples lives running.
    My parents have always told me stories on their generation portrayed to my generation. In their time, when they needed reliable resources for research they would turn to books and libraries. In my generation, everybody relies on smartphones or ipads. It seems that people are plagued with electronics and high-tech instruments for their own benefits. The world has let technology through their doors and let it take control of them. No one talks face to face anymore, it has slowly perished into lifeless text. Knowing the lifeless communications between one another acknowledges “Suburban America as a comfortable but somewhat vacuous realm of unreality: consumerist, wasteful, complacent, materialistic and self absorbed” (Brook 5). This fad will last for an extensive time evolving around artificial gatherings and love.
    When I was in elementary school, I would hang out with my friends regularly and go to parks and movie theaters. I look at my younger sisters now and realize their whole “hang out” world revolves around Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There’s a small glitch in this scene, I am realizing the younger the kids are the more they crave social network media. They find themselves locked up in their rooms in a little corner typing away at their phones or laptops, I find this irritating now and then. The future of the world shows that people will run after material things more than the real nature of life, “Despite all the claims that American culture is materialist and pragmatic, what is striking about this country is how material things are shot through with enchantment” (Brooks 7). Computers and social networks make the world think alike with no other eternal feeling aside from the ones the networks offer, the common “like” button comes in handy on Facebook for millions of people as well as the famous “follow me” button on Twitter. Covertly the world is being hypnotized and abused by social network media, they post the comments they post for others to comment on, then the whole chain continues. Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, clearly depicts this idea in his novel along with his utopia. He shows the misconception in a broad point of view from the novel. People are starting to be manipulated by the trends and fads polluting the nature of life, “All conditioning aims at that: making people like their unescapable social destiny” (Huxley 16). People are turning into human robots, and not even being aware of it happening.
    Tiger Woods is an American Professional golfer who cheated on his wife for a numerous amount of times. When his wife Elin Nordegren discovered this affair Woods had been covering up, she was utterly hurt and disgraced. Scandals like this happen all the time in my generation, and the fun has just begun. People think it’s fine to just walk around and have affairs with anyone at anytime they wish. No one realizes the truth of love anymore, it has slowly diminished into betrayal, deception, and dishonesty. “Four months of Henry Foster, without having another man- why, he’d be furious if he knew…” (Huxley 41) My generation is finding it relevant to cheat on each other spouses and live accordingly. It is not frowned down upon them, but rather more exciting and adventurous. In Huxley’s novel, he states that a utopia considers this as a normal outcome. If people don’t start getting their act together, our future awaits a rude and humiliating awakening.
    I can describe a utopia as the place where everything creates natural happiness and love, not some robotic controlled, mind boggling, medicine or assemble line. So if this is the case, I don’t think a utopia is possible; the world we live in is as perfect as it gets. There may be some minor glitches, but those can be sorted out as best as possible in the time being. If the idea of a utopia is attempted, it will be a major fail, considering it is not possible as viewed by Huxley, nothing will work out or fit to the capacity of the knowledge the human brain can endure. Advantages of a utopia are access to easier lives, less worries, and more “happiness” after taking a medication referred to as soma. Disadvantages are as such: false emotions, betrayal, and no conformity. I think a dystopia is relevant to what the human brain can make out to help live a healthy and happy life, that is, a real life. These questions pertain answers to why the world we live in is as close to perfection as it can acquire. Life runs on a steady rope living in a dystopian society, whereas a utopian society people will be controlled and demanded to do things at specific times due to the reason of defining the word perfect in this type society.

    Works Cited
    Brooks, David. “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia.” New York Times. 4 Apr. 2004. Print
    Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2006. Print.

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    Re: Can you check if this essay is good?important project, based on a book and a read

    We can't check homework here, oshigirl. Your teacher will mark this when you submit it. If there's something you're not sure about after your teacher's comments, we'd be happy to answer a question.

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