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    Ive submitted a cover letter. . Hope the its grammatically correct

    I've three years experience illustrator,graphic designer at web Anywhere. Webanywhere provides website and elearning to primary and secondary schools

    My position within the company included, web design, character design, animation splash pages, illustration , and flash developer / designer for games.

    • .I have designed characters for the company avatar. to fit within the company educational ideas and brand.
    • I’ve developed and created elearning games
    • I have excellent feedback from within the company and recently have achieved role model status within the company 3 times in a row.
    • commercial success schools Highfield and Brookfield paid for exclusivity on character design

    I am looking for a new challenge

    I've researched the company mind candy and your one of the fastest largest online growing companies. I am familiar with brand Moshi Monster which is modern fresh and exciting to kids of all ages. I researched your earlier projects Perplex,tutpup which was interesting to see the development and growth of the company brand .

    My previous roles and responsibilities as well as my creative passion would add value to your team I am experienced in working within guidelines as mentioned in the advert. I have have left my details to arrange to attend interview

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    Re: Ive submitted a cover letter. . Hope the its grammatically correct

    Hansolo, you have some very basic mistakes which you should go back in and rectify before we worry about the content.

    - Put a space after every comma.
    - Put a space after every full stop.
    - Company names should be capitalised as they are proper nouns.

    There are some very strangely placed full stops dotted around the piece. There is no reason for them. Your title alone is missing two apostrophes, has two strangely spaced full stops and says "Hope the its ..."

    Please tidy up the capitalisation, spacing and punctuation and then we can look at what you actually wrote.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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