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    performed vs should have performed

    Hello, everyone!

    I have a question about the tense. Could you take a look at the sentences below?

    1. I was surprised that the boy performed so well.
    2. I was surprised that the boy should perform so well.
    3. I was surprised that the boy should have performed so well.

    I guess in #1 and #2, my surprise was simultaneous with the boy's performance, even though there could be some a difference of nuance and connotation. In fact, I don't understant their differnce in meaning, but I have learned there is a difference.(This is not my question now.) What concern me now is about #3. My feeble assumption is that the situation in both #1 and #2 setences is probably I went to his concert and watched him and got surprised by his performance. But, with #3, I can not have a obvious picture of in which order events happened. What does #3 mean?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Re: performed vs should have performed

    How about people telling you about a performance you weren't at?

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