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    Smile It's a cookie, Sherlock.

    Hello. Would you please tell me what this fortune(It's a cookie, Sherlock) below means?
    Is it a famous line from an episode of Sherlock Holms?
    Please help! Thank you.

    (This is from a children's novel. A boy and his dad came to a chinese restaurant.
    They are reading their fortunes. Fortunes of this restaurant are not normal.)

    Dad's fortune says: Only a goofus locks his keys in his car twice in one week.
    He looks injured. "I don't even have a car!"
    Mine says: It's a cookie, Sherlock.

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    Re: It's a cookie, Sherlock.

    It is not from a Sherlock Holmes story. These cookies are sarcastic- you wouldn't need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that a fortune cookie is a fortune cookie. However, I can't say that either of them makes me laugh.

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