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    "It is good … to remember this sound matrix."

    "So, your question is fantastic. And this, I call this the cancellation matrix. Cancellation matrix. The (S) (N) (L), the (d) (t )(th). This covers most cancelled sounds in American spoken English. And you can remember it. The strong sounds; Shane, that is me Shane, Shane never lies. Shane never lies. The weak sounds, Don’t trust that. Don’t trust that. Now, you can trust it. Shane never lies. Don’t trust that. Ah! It is confusing. It is good to remember this sound matrix. The cancellation matrix"
    More: Q&A Time: "d" "t" "k" cancellation (English sound cancellation) - YouTube

    Will you help me transcript the missing word, please? It occurs at (8:40).

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    Re: "It is good … to remember this sound matrix."


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