I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge and exploring new opportunities. For this reason I am applying to UWC as I believe it will allow me to enter a significantly better educational system while also allowing me to challenge myself and gain greater exposure to different cultures and people.
UWC is a school different from others as it provides an affable, multicultural environment. This will provide me with greater social and team skills. My decision to apply has been greatly impacted by this as I’m interested interrelating with new people and intercultural understanding. I would love the opportunity to find out how others live.
UWC offers a variety of subjects and activities which I could not receive in Jamaica. I have personal interests in entrepreneurship, writing and reading. I am also dexterous and possess leadership qualities. I am confident after two years of studying at UWC I will be better able to use my skills and education to contribute to the development of UWC, Jamaica and the world.
The experience gained at the college will help me to enrich my future .I am eager to make UWC my new home for the next two years. This college will not only provide me with greater educational opportunities but also an exposure to different cultures.

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