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    Calling all Teachers!

    All teachers out there!
    I have been a member of this board for just over a month. I assist international students that choose Canada as a study abroad destination. As a former English teacher in Busan, South Korea I understand the difficulties of moving to a new country and experiencing culture shock. If any of your students ever ask you or inquire about studying in North America or specifically Canada, I would like to hear from you. We offer ESL Placement and have a close relationship with many great ESL schools. We also offer Homestay Placement, airport pickup, liaison services and ESL travel opporunities. Our services to the students are free and we do offer some discounts off tuition, depending on the time of year.
    Please email me for more information on how I can assist your students achieve their study abroad goals

    Thanks everyone and I hope to hear from you

    Nick Dauphinee
    Study in Canada

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    Re: Calling all Teachers!

    Thanks for the advice, suggestions and help guys! Keep them coming and keep referring your interested students. I dont mind answering questions as well!

    Nick Dauphinee
    Study In Canada

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