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    Thumbs up I have a Question that using a


    These day I studied about As.
    However, I confused some meaning,
    For example,

    as long as
    as far as
    as low as
    as little as
    as good as
    as soon as
    as well as
    as diffult as ..

    I know some words are emphasize that word.
    and 'as long as' can use like if.
    could you explan to me more clearly?

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    Re: I have a Question that using a

    Use as. . .as to show a similarity:

    as long as
    => Mary's hair is as long as Jan's hair! <same length>

    as far as
    => The store is as far as the library. <same distance>

    as low as
    => This table is as low as that chair. <same height>

    as little as
    => She gave me as little as she could give. <the smallest portion>

    as good as
    => They are as good as Pat. <same level of skill>

    as soon as
    => See you as soon as I can (see you). <the nearest date/time from now>

    as well as
    => They speak as well as you (speak). <same level of skill>
    => I'll take this as well as this. <and;also>

    as difficult as
    => English is as difficult as math. <same level of difficulty>

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    Talking Re: I have a Question that using a

    hi Charles kim

    I was confused about

    Thanks Casiopea...

    I learned from your answered

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