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    Question If my English Language Teacher's university diploma is not accepted in the UK

    My case is quite complicated and I would be most grateful if somebody could give me a piece of advice referring them. I have a university diploma in Teaching English Language and Literature issued in Serbia. My native language is Hungarian, but actually I am bilingual. Since I lived in Hungary for several years, I became a citizen, and I also gained a Cambridge CELTA certificate in Budapest. So, my question is: Which level applies to my professional qualification referring the NQF? As for my university diploma, it may be Level 5, but it is not accepted in the UK for it was issued in Serbia. And there is the CELTA certificate, which is great, although I can't apply in any public school with it, for it is not about teaching children but adults. I have had more than 15 years of experience in teaching both children in elementary/secondary school and adults at language courses. My plans are to take up a DELTA course and gain a diploma, yet I have a great fear that nobody will employ me in any public school in the UK because I am not a native speaker of English, though I am fluent in it. My enthusiasm for teaching is quite huge and I will be very sorry if nothing of my degrees or certificates can work.
    Do you recommend me to finish my DELTA course first (for it makes my Level 7) before applying for any teaching job? It is within the category of PGCE, as far as I read.
    And one more thing: Can I get a QTS certificate with my documents mentioned above without attending any special courses that are normally required for new teachers?
    Sorry for asking you so many questions under a same breath. Thank you for your answer in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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    Re: If my English Language Teacher's university diploma is not accepted in the UK

    Welcome to the forum, Sagi.

    First of all, please remember that only the UK Department for Education can decide whether you will be allowed to teach in England. I suggest you contact them for definitive answers.

    As far as I know, you are able to teach in the British state sector only if you have Qualified Teacher Status; I know that CELTA, DELTA and the Trinity Cert and Dip TESOL qualifications do not confer QTS. You will have to find out from the UK Department for Education whether your university Diploma in Teaching English Language and Literature issued confers QTS.

    It is up to you whether ot not you continue with your DELTA, but success in it will not give you QTS.

    Remember too, that, even if you have/obtain QTS, that is no guarantee of employment. You still have to apply for every teaching job you want - directly to the school concerned, not to any central organisation.

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    Re: If my English Language Teacher's university diploma is not accepted in the UK

    This site might help with recognising foreign qualifications: NARIC - UK NARIC. However, the UK is rammed full of native speakers with qualifications searching for dwindling numbers of jobs in a price-cutting environment, so you may well find it very hard to find work there. There are plenty of non-native speakers teaching there, but these are generally have special qualifications or are at the race-to-the-bottom end. I'm afraid to have to say that turning up in the UK with a non-recognised degree and a CELTA will not get you much. You could do better with that elsewhere where CELTAs are not ten a penny.
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