Hi i wrote a letter that will be graded and I haveanenglishexamcomingup. the test ispartlyaboutwritingso i havewritten a lettercansomeonecorrectthismemo report? espaciallythelinkingwordsthatsvery important


To: Top Management
Date: 23-10-2012
Subject: Suggestions to improve doing business internationally
On behalf of the human resource department I present you (the management) with 3 tips to improve the way of doing business internationally. The urgency of this is that a lot of our employees do not know how to adjust in different environments and cultures. We want these tips to be spread out to the employees abroad. The first tip that we want to give is that our employees should make an effort to learn about different cultures. Our second suggestion is that our employees should gain the confidence with the people they are doing business with, before getting to business. And most important of all our employees should enjoy the experience of working with other cultures. If all our people would keep to these tips our company would gain a lot more confidence with the people we are doing business with. This would defiantly benefit everyone in the company. We think it is important to distribute these tips. Also we think that our company should make a database about the mores and tradition of cultures we are doing business with , so employees are able to prepare working with the different culture. Our company would really benefit of adapting to the new culture before doing business with them.

Yours faithfully,