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    "got it at level"

    "Well you know I have this revelation about disappointment Kristi. A friend of mine just said to me years ago and I got it at that time but I think got it at level now and simply this, that disappointment is a dist-appointment, okay/OK."

    Step One:
    here please. Step Two: Then press Episode 2. It occurs at (01:34). I think it is "HOMO/LUMO level." Besides, I am not sure of the underlined part. It is either just said or suggested.

    The following links have been consulted.
    1.homo level definition from Macmillan Dictionary: Free British English English Dictionary Online with Thesaurus
    2. HOMO/LUMO - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thank you,

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    Re: "got it at level"

    She says: "I got it at the time but I think I'd get it on a whole new level now." Her accent may be hindering you from hearing it. Both of them have a bit of a southern (AmE) drawl.

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