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    Recently young single people have been living far from their parent

    In many countries recently young single people have been living far from their parents, from the time they began studies or work and until they married. Do you think there are more advantages or disadvantages to this trend?
    With the changing phenomenon around us, young generation are more likely to leave their parents during achieve higher education or build their professional career before settle up their own family. Indeed, this trend is not far from drawbacks. In this essay I will explain how demerits of leaving parents while in student life or in early professional life outweigh its merits.
    Admittedly, living away from parents has several advantages. Firstly, one of the most significant positive sides is gaining independency. Due to have freedom, young people will learn to take responsibilities and will get chances to gather experience. Secondly, living alone without parents youngsters often need to take decisions. Perhaps this would help them to take major important decisions of life in future. Moreover, people can concentrate only on particular aim for which they have left their home and parents.
    Nevertheless, too often there are drawbacks of this occurrence. To begin with, lack of constant supervision for which young generation may spoil their life by choosing wrong way such as be addicted to drugs. Eventually they may destroy their cherished future instead of establishing successful career.
    On top of that, because of becoming busy with their education or professional life, youngsters get very little time to communicate with their parents as well as other relatives or friends. This situation ends up with reduction of the bonding among them. In addition, on the ground that parents are more experienced, they will suggest appropriate options to their children exploiting their own experience. Young people, who live far away from family, will miss the opportunity to learn from their parentís knowledge.
    In conclusion, though living far from parents has few positive effects but drawbacks are more severe. I personally believe that young generation should not leave their parents as there are more demerits than merits.

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    Re: Recently young single people have been living far from their parent

    Welcome to the forum.

    When is your essay due to be submitted to your teacher/tutor?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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