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    Singaporeans are familiar with cycling as a sport or exercise. However, most of them are not 1 () that cycling can be 2 () overseas.It is not necessary to go 3 () the deep jungle for a mountain biking experience. People have cycled on roads all over the 4 () on their bicycles for decades. It is 5 () "cycle-touring". It is 6 () to backpacking travel except that this done on a bicycle.

    On a bicycle, the cyclist is independent and 7 () from constraints. You are able to cycle uphill, then 8 () and enjoy sweeping views of the countryside. Local inhabitants are often friendlier to cyclists. They may ask where you are 9 (), where you are going and 10 () far you have ridden.

    11 () needs to be a cyclist at home 12 () venturing overseas. This qualifies him to 13 () a guided ride, organised and led by an 14 () ride leader. A good cycling trip 15 () one a sense of accomplishment. First timers are often amazed that they actually finished the ride and they feel good! Tired and sore, but good

    Grade 6 / Primary 6

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