hi everybody, i'm italian and i'm writing my first cover letter ever...could someone help me and check it for errors? ps: i still have to write the last paragraph - that will be more specific about my thesis and the master course program - cause i'm not graduated yet all comments are welcome!!

"Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in order to apply for the Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology at the --University. I gained my Bachelorís degree in Biotechnology at the --. I became aware of the possibility to take a Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology in the --University after a strenuous Internet research, trying to find a challenging, open-minded university environment.

I think my qualities, such as creativity, determination and passion for what I am studying, put together with the characteristics of your university, like a high quality education and an international orientation, would foster my ability to develop complex projects and to work in a team, which I already experienced through my academic studies as well as my voluntary work in the Red Cross Association.

I chose this Master Programme because it combines biotechnology with molecular biology - quite different fields complementing each other very well; as my degree project shows, Iím very interested in Ö.
[this is the unfinished paragraph]

I hope that you will consider my application and view me as a favorable candidate for this program.

Yours sincerely,"