The main questions of the discussion is can the computer think? For this questions Alan Turing, a mathematician, created a test whose main feature is the interaction between three entities, one a computer and others humans actors. The test assesses the interactions by establishing a dialogue between the three actors, then one of the actors notice whether he was interacting with a computer or a human being.
However, this kind of test can be put in question by a philosophical paradox. the main features of the paradox are the behavior and thoughts. Behavior sets the opportunity to be seen as being intelligent, because when an interactions happens a codex is implied to it, and the structure of the codex could be broken. Therefore, what it seems to be important is the interaction on the test can be understood as interactions of thought; thoughts implied meanings and meanings may imply intelligence or thinking.
In conclusion, the test design might seen as useless, because it just measure the behavior of being intelligent not being intelligent by think of meaning, the test measure the structure of acting like you are thinking, not the process of thinking.