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    maturita 5 - culture, art, entertainment

    May I ask you to correct it, please? Just the grammar mistakes... I know the stylistic side of it isn't too great and the composition is bad too.
    If you correct it, thank you very much then!!


    I am going to tell you a little about culture and art and my attitude to it.
    First of all Iíd like to say about it something general and then Iíll speak about various kinds of art.

    Music, fine art, and architecture are an integral part of our daily lives, bringing beauty and joy into our experience. Through art, we can gain a deeper understanding of human history and the meaning of life. Many people find art to be psychologically healing and they participate in music therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, and art therapy.

    Music enriches our lives from early age. Mothers usually sing lullabies to their babies to comfort them while they go off to sleep. Later, children sing songs at school and often learn to play an instrument at music school.

    Music plays an important role in the cultural life of cities and towns. Many large cities have their own symphonic orchestras with world renowned conductors. Some cities have large beautiful concert hlls and opera houses, and hold music festivals.

    People also like to listen to music on the radio at home where they can choose from a variety of music on the different stations. On TV, people can watch music programmes and live concerts.

    There are various kinds of music and everyone can choose the one he or she likes. There is classical and modern music. Teenagers and youngsters usually prefer modern music. Even so, I know many people (also young) who love both classical and modern music. I myself like classical music too, but to tell the truth, I usually listen only to a few pieces I really love. There are many famous classical music composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (born 250 years before), Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Antonio Vivaldi and many others. The well known Czech composers are Bedřich Smetana and AntonŪn DvořŠk.
    The most favourite classical pieces of mine are Vltava (the name of a Czech river) by Bedřich Smetana and Ballade pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman.
    Modern music is very wide-spread all over the world. There are many music genres and new and new ones are still being developed. To tell the truth, I donít understand some ďuntypicalď and ďweirdď modern music styles, but there are always some people who might admire it.

    Nowadays, musicals are very popular. I like musicals very much, although I donít go to see them into theatres, as itís quite expensive and I donít live in such a big town.

    Young people love to go to the concerts which are usually held also in the smaller towns, but if youíd like to see some world famous music stars, you have to go to Prague (or abroad).

    Another piece of art that forms our life ideas and attitues are films (movies) and other TV programmes. I love watching really good films. One of my favourite movies is perhaps ďLife Is Beautifulď. Anyway, I like really many films and if I wanted to name all of them, it would last for too long. I especially like psychollogical or humourous films. I also love group of Englishmen called ďMonty Pythonď. I like their films to watch on TV, but I donít like their sketches for BBC so much on the TV screen. In my opinion, they are better to be read in the book (Monty Pythonís Flying Circus).
    And I also love almost all Czech films. In my opinion, Czechs have a little different (from other nations) kind of humour and you can see it in the movies. However, I donít like only comedies Ė I am always pleased to see a good serious film on TV.
    I really hate soap-operas and action and criminal serials. I donít find anything interesting and qualite about it.

    Many people prefer going to the cinema to going to the theatre or art gallery. Reading books is poplar too, but watching films still prevails in my opinion. There are many reasons. If I should name the rasons why I myself donít read books so often, the main reason is the fact that I donít have enough time for it. I usually read a few books during my holidays, but I really canít read during the school season.
    Many people donít read books because they find it boring. But if you choose a good book, I think you must like it, anyway.
    Films have one good feature: they last only for one, two or sometimes three hours and tell you the whole story. You can just sit and watch. But if you want to read a book, you have to read it very often (many hours) to know the story. I know, people read books not to know the story and plot as soon as possible, but to enjoy yourselves when reading, but for me it isnít pleasure to read and know I have too much work to do. However, itís a type of relaxation.

    Although cinemas are visited more than art galleries, it doesnít mean art isnít popular. I love thinking of what the paintings and pictres mean. If you come to a restaurant and an abstract painting is hung on the wall, you can talk with your friends about it and it can be great fun. I prefer abstract paintings to paintings of concrete things. Even so, still life is suitable for kitchenís walls and acts perhpas to a bedroom or a living room.

    Art and architecture have been changes during centuries. Each period has its famous painters, authors, architectures, composers etc.
    As we stroll through almost any city or town in Europe, we can feast our eyes on the works of architerctural art from many different periods and styles. Each castle, chateau, palace ,town house, cottage, church, chapel, or other kind of building displays the artstyle of the historical period in which it was built.
    I like Gothic architecture very much. Itís a big diference to come to a Gothic and Baroque church. Gothic is just fascinatingÖ

    To sum, art and culture has been always developed and it always will. People love art and it is the reason for creating other new and new paintings, architecture styles, writing books and so on. And even if people didnít like art, I guess it would still exist. A painter just couldnít exist without a brusch and canvas. ArtistsĎ work is usually their life hobby too.

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    Re: maturita 5 - culture, art, entertainment

    symphonic orchestras- I'd just say orchestras
    concert hlls- halls
    can choose the one he or she likes- can't people ike more than one kind? You go on to suggest they can- how about 'choose what they like'?
    born 250 years before- ago
    most favourite- my favourite (no 'most')
    might admire it- them (= styles)
    interesting and qualite about it- interesting about them
    the school season- school year
    it isn’t pleasure- a pleasure or reading isn't a pleasure
    pictres- pictures
    kitchen’s walls- kitchen walls
    acts perhpas to a bedroom or a living room- acts??
    have been changes during centuries- have changed over the centuries
    To sum- to sum up
    has been always developed- has always developed
    Artists‘ work - an...

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