Hi all ! I will be happy if someone will check my essay and helpm me with it.

Nowdays many people leaves their motherland and go study abroad. Nevertheless it is not so easy as many students are expecting, studying abroad have it pros and cons.

First of all students improve their foreign language in ways that can not be improved if they stayed in homeland. In addition students become more independant, because they are far away from parents who do things like paying checks or washing clothes. Furthermore students get to know other culture habits, what is well for their personnal progress.

Studying abroad has also it drowbacks. Firstly, students misses their family and old commrades, who stayed in their home country. Moreover the lessons are in foreign language and one should not understand the theory as good as in mother language. Another disadvantage is that students may have problem with accomodation, founding a job or to find their place in a different enviroment.

On balance studying abroad is for people who are not afraid of possible problems, for students who want to try something new. For the others is better to stay at home and study in local university, which maybe do not have a good name in the world, but provide sufficient education.

Thanks for reading :)